Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Unusual Frost Shadows

Sunny morning when we wake up after a cold night and when melted snow and ice, then comes the Frost Shadows. And then the fog takes on the shape of the shadow. It's like having a shadow in the negatives. Until it melts. Just one of those cool things you get to see every once in a while. For some people who live in warmer areas such as shadow play real phenomenon while the others become irresistible inspiration for photography.

incredible Frost Shadowslink

Unusual Frost Shadowslink

Unusual Frost Shadows 01link

Unusual Frost Shadows 02link

Unusual Frost Shadows 04link

Unusual Frost Shadows 03link

unusual frost shadows 05link

unusual frost shadows 06link

incredible Frost Shadows 01link

incredible Frost Shadows 05link

Unusual Frost Shadowslink

incredible Frost Shadows 02link

frosty grass in shadow of sculpture 01link

Amazing Unusual Frost Shadows in Basketballlink

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