Friday, 25 January 2013

Wild Animals That Love The Beach

Wild animals rarely seen in their natural environment where they feel the best, but the beach with their charms not only attracts a large number of tourists but also many wild animals that have the same feeling. With whom would you like to share a beach while soaking up the sun?

Wild Horse in the Beach

Wild horse in the beachlink

Although Florida has the THIRD largest horse population in the country many Floridians do not know all that Miami-Dade has to offer horse and rider.  There are even beach dwellers and urban residents who live in Miami-Dade and do not know we have horses here.  

Wild horses on the beachlink

horse in the beachlink

Whether your interest in horses is professional or your passion, you will find the variety and unique opportunities Dade has for the equestrian refreshing.  Take a stroll with me through county and you might just be surprised.

Wolf on Beach

wolf on the beachlink

Wolf is basking on the beaches this is a very rare sight.

Kangaroo on Beach, Wester Australia

Kangaroo on Beachlink

Twilight Bay | Esperance, Western Australia. We know that Australia is the land of kangaroos, but they would love to come to the beach and it's already a novelty for tourists.

Kangaroo in the Beachlink


Kangaroos may often be seen on the white sand beaches located near Esperance on the Southern Ocean coastline in Golden Outback

Phuket Elephant on the Beach

Phuket Elephant on the Beachlink

Playful little the storm gathers in the background

Elephant on the Beachlink

Phuket Elephant like on the bBeachlink

It seems that elephants in Phuket really love to play and hang out on the beach. Remember this one?

Deer Lounging at Inlet Beach

Deer at Camp Helenlink

After bathing young buck was quickly attracted the audience on a beach in Florida, some were worried because the deer was shivering and did not want to move.

Deer Relaxes in the Gulf Surf

Deer Lounging at Inlet Beachlink

Contact the park ranger at Camp Helen who said that the deer had been swimming in the gulf on and off all day and in between swims would lie on the beach to rest.

Grizzly Bear on the Beach in Katmai

Grizzly Bear on the Beach in Katmailink

Grizzly bear in search of food and visiting Long Beach in Katmailink

Grizzly bear in search of food and visiting Long Beach in Katmai

Camel on the Beach

camel on the beachlink

Cows of Costarica Beach

The Cows of Corsicalink

Rhino at the Beach

Rhino at the beach

Rhino at the beach, Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe

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