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Big Catch In The Spider Web

Lurking everywhere dangerous spider web. We think it's meaningless and in fact is very efficient trap for various animals. They lurk around every corner, waiting for someone's carelessness happens after that horror for everyone. Even people have a phobia of these insects, with good reason, because their venom has an awesome effect. See what you care able to make a spider and its web.

Australian Red Back Spider Caught Lizard

Australian Red Back spider and lizardlink

A Redback spider having caught a lizard, Rockingham, Western Australia. The lizard was still alive at the time. An Australian Red Back spider with a small lizard it has trapped and bitten. It is called the Redback spider, and this creature loves to live in dark and dusty places such as underneath dunny seats.

Redback spider caught Lizard 01link

Red Back Spider caught lizardlink

It is very unlikely you will find one in your house unless you do not house clean regularly and remove spider webs from dark or little-used corners of the rooms. The bite of a Redback spider will make you feel ill for several days but, even without treatment, it is not likely to kill anyone unless they happen to be very weak; or if they are a young child or a frail old person.

Spider Feeding Green Tree Frog

Spider Feeding Green Tree Froglink

Night falls as a black and yellow garden spider feeds on a small Pacific tree frog in its web strung in a blackberry thicket along a seasonal creek near Roseburg.

Caught in the Weblink

Black and yellow garden spiders mostly feed on insects, but are also know to feed on small lizards and amphibians when available. I feel sorry for the frog, but a spider has got to eat.

Spider Catches Snake

Spider Catches Snake 01link

If you suffer from arachnophobia, you might want to steer clear of applying for a job with this South African company.For the spiders here are so tough they wolf down snakes for breakfast.

Spider Catches Snake in Australialink

An office receptionist was met with this horrifying sight when she arrived for work. Astonishingly the snake was off the ground and tangled in the web. And the spider was making short work of tucking in to possibly its biggest meal ever.

Spider Catches Snakelink


Witnesses say the spider spend two days weaving a web around its kill lifting it higher off the ground and continually snacking on it. At one point the spider reacted aggressively to a fly that accidentally landed on the web, chasing it away from its kill.

Bird Caught in Web Spider Approaching

Bird Caught in Web Spider Approaching 02link

A large spider found throughout coastal and inland Australia, especially Western Australia. Body length of females up to 40mm, males much smaller, about 7mm. Overall greyish with silvery cephalothorax and black brushes on the legs. Little or no yellow on the legs unlike the very similar Nephila plumipes which also has a raised yellow sternum.

Bird Caught in Web Spider Approaching 01link

Bird Caught in Web Spider Approaching 03link

The female constructs a large, persistent web with strong strands of golden silk strung between tree branches or other structures. The strong web can trap large prey, sometimes even small birds. Small males tend to occupy the edge of the female's web, sometimes more than one. Rather timid, the female normally flees to the top of the web when alarmed, sometimes it shakes the web in defence when disturbed. There are often strings of spent food parcels or food caches in the web.

Queen Wasp and Spider

Shock and awe - spider vs wasplink

Was a real shock seeing a spider taking on a wasp that had flown into its web. I always assumed that wasps were pretty much the meanest, hardest creepy crawlies, but this one was no match for the spider. At this stage the wasp hadn't long flown into the web and was making an effort to get away.

Spider vs wasplink

Spider vs wasp 3link

The wasp had given up and the spider was preparing it for storage - quite a difficult shot to get as they were swinging around in the wind. And here's the last shot, taken just before the spider dragged his new food parcel into the undergrowth.

Mouse Caught in Spider Web

mouse caugth in the spider weblink

Mouse Caught in Spider Weblink

Watch out for spiders in Ohio! This spider has what looks like, a small gray House Mouse caught in its web. It was not possible to identify the spider at the time this photograph was taken.
There are probably some more plausible explainations how this mouse managed to get caught in this web rather than the spider catching and attacking the mouse.

Spider Caught Bat

spider caught batlink

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