Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Nine Cutest Animals in 2012.

Cuddly animals have never been more popular on the Internet. All the world media almost every day funny or cute pictures and videos of animals that melted and most constricted heart. For lovers of sweet little animals enjoy this list.

1. Bu, bristled baby anteater

anteater babylink

Thorny old baby anteater only 30 days were brought to the zoo, "Taronga" after they found him helpless on the track near Sydney.

anteater baby 01link

Experts suspect that the animal, which is named Boo, fell out of his mother's bag. Individuals of this species would not leave lairs before the 45th of age.

2. Prince Harry, a pygmy hippo in South Africa


To the small hippos there is something irresistible posbeno shows an example of Prince Harry, preslatkog dwarf hippopotamus from the zoo in Kango ranch in South Africa.

Baby Pygmy Hippolink


At the photo session for the South African media, this member of an endangered species (pygmy hippopotamus has a total of 3,000 at large) kissed one of the employees at the zoo.

3. Cute Duck Chases Man

Ducklings are certainly among the most spoiled creatures on Earth, but when they get angry, it should be kept! One user "YouTube" video of this set is "dangerous" Duckling who is chasing him as in a Hollywood movie. Bruce Willis can finally retire.

4. Kofi, "most coolers" dog in the world

Kofi, most coolers dog in the world

"Dressed up" in jeans and "Stark", with sunglasses on his head, the dog Kofi certainly was the biggest star "Bike Week" in Mexico City, 11, November 2012. year. Thousands of pedestrians, runners, cyclists, skaters and pet owners "won" the streets of Mexico City that day, but only by Kofi came to almost all of the media world.

5. Prairie dog that enjoys brushing

6. Brown honey who woke up from hibernation ...

Brown honey who woke up from hibernation

... And that's not 100 percent ready for the new labor victories.

Brown honey who woke up from hibernation ... 01link

7. Mini pig Hamlet: To get or not get down the stairs?

8. New born deer getting started has become Internet stars

9. Panda, cutest newborn zoo in San Diego


The San Diego Zoo’s newest panda cub got another checkup today and his vets report that he's growing well, especially around the waist, and is just starting to see.


"The cub weighed 4.9 pounds this morning and veterinarians noted that his eyes are almost open now and believe the cub has some vision but it is likely limited to light and shadows," the zoo announced in a statement Thursday (Sept. 20). "His chest now measures 12.5

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