Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Cute Bear Cubs Create Conga Line [VIDEO]

Cute Bear Cubs Create Conga LineYou've seen them at Uncle Joe's wedding and at last summer's booze cruise. But who could imagine a conga line at the zoo?

Watch these bears form a conga line right before your eyes. It's hopelessly cute and funny at the same time.


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Anonymous said...

To say that this is cute is about as wrong as anyone can get. Ear sucking is a cooping trait to deal with stress, in this case being captive without their mothers and being on display. The act of ear sucking should bring on, in humans with a sense of compassion, a feeling of outrage at the practice of putting animals on display with no regard to the well being of the animal. After all isn't the entire world here for our entertainment, or is it? It's a shame and disgrace for anyone or group to publish this and to say that "they" didn't take the photos. In this case, publishing is as bad as the taking.


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