Wednesday, 23 May 2012

10 Funniest Clothes-Wearing Animals

1. Cat dressed as a baby

We call this one the "Cat Lady Special."

Cat dressed as a baby(Photo)

2. A donkey wearing clothes

A donkey wearing clothes

"Tell the truth. Do these pants make my ass look big?" (Photo)

3. Horse wearing jeans

Horse wearing jeans

Silly horse, you've got them on backwards! Sheesh. (Photo)

4. Geese in hats and dresses

Geese in hats and dresses

Don't mind them, they're just on their way to the barbeque at Tara. (Photo)

5. Birds in sweaters

Birds in sweaters

They want you to follow them on Twitter. (Photo)

6. Cat in bunny onesie

Cat in bunny onesie

His face says it ALL. (Photo)

7. Ferrets wearing sweaters

Ferrets wearing sweaters

Cheerio! (Photo)

8. Dog in street clothes

Dog in street clothes

The belt really ties the whole outfit together. (Photo)

9. Cat Lord Fauntleroy

Cat Lord Fauntleroy

"Bring me my Fancy Feast at once!" (Photo)

10. Dressed-up Dog

Dressed-up Dog

Exactly. (Photo)


Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Cute Bear Cubs Create Conga Line [VIDEO]

Cute Bear Cubs Create Conga LineYou've seen them at Uncle Joe's wedding and at last summer's booze cruise. But who could imagine a conga line at the zoo?

Watch these bears form a conga line right before your eyes. It's hopelessly cute and funny at the same time.


Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Love Valley – Seeing is Believing

Love Valley – Seeing is Believing

Love Valley in Cappadocia, Turkey certainly has a claim to fame – a very large one. Rather euphemistically named, the valley is home to rock structures that bear a passing resemblance to… well - make your own mind up. Seeing, as they say, is believing.

love valley goreme turkey 1Image Credit Flickr User Cachalan

Cappadocia (Kapadokya in Turkish) is a region of exceptional natural wonders, none more so than the giant monuments left by Mother Nature in Love Valley. Situated in the very heart of modern day Turkey this natural wonder sits on a high plateau over a thousand meters in altitude. Rainfall is sparse in this area and the place has hot dry summers and bitterly cold snowy winters. There is little rainfall and so the region is generally arid. In this environment these huge phallic natural structures seems like some sort of ancient homage to male fertility. However, they are far from man-made despite the possible resemblance to manhood.

love valley goreme turkey 3Image Credit Flickr User Astique

The closest human habitation is the small town of Göreme. Although you might expect hordes of tourists visiting such a place this is not the case. The Turkish are gregarious but modest people – you do not get group outings to Love Valley to see the ‘willy shaped’ rocks as you might had they occurred in any number of other countries. As such the town is small and friendly with little commercialization as such. What you will find there, however, is a very genuine and relaxed atmosphere and a warm welcome. Although it is unlikely that you will get lost it is considered the right thing to hire a local guide when you head out to see the local geological features.

SONY DSCImage Credit Flickr User TesKing

love valley goreme turkey 5Image Credit Flickr User Dachalan

If you want to see a unique geological site, then this is certainly it – no run of the mill vague shapes here. These structures mean business. And they weren’t made by Mother Nature having a funny five minutes – these strange pinnacles are in fact eroded volcanic ash. You need to be pretty healthy to take all of this is as generally people will go for hikes around the valley rather than driving. If you are really not inclined to healthy walking then you are able – at some expense – to hire a hot air balloon and see the whole site from the skies.

love valley goreme turkey 6Image Credit Flickr User Queen Esoterica

love valley goreme turkey 7Image Credit Flickr User Ze Pinho

love valley goreme turkey 8Image Credit Flickr User Dachalan

The local people grow apricots and squash for a living and a little from tourism. This is something more than subsistence although the area is still relatively poor in occidental terms. The whole region is rich, however, in thousands of years of continuous human history. It is also the most visually stimulating region of Turkey where the erosion has formed not only these sensuous shapes in the volcanic rock but caves and clefts where people have carved out homes from which they conduct their lives and business. As you can see the structures are not restricted to the ‘Valley of Love’ itself – the town itself boast more than a few.

love valley goreme turkey 9Image Credit Flickr User Charles Fred

love valley goreme turkey 10Image Credit Flickr User Charles Fred

The landscape seems foreign – alien almost. You could almost expect Captain James T round a corner followed by a reptilian adversary. One can only imagine Kirk’s knowing reaction to the shapes of these rock formations. Although the landscape looks inhospitable in the extreme the soil is mineral rich. This makes it an ideal place for growing fruit and vegetables which means the whole area of Kapadokya meets a lot of Turkey’s agricultural needs. Turkish wine is on the rise in terms of reputation and Kapadokya has many vineyards and wineries – quite a surprise in a Muslim nation.

love valley goreme turkey 11Image Credit Flickr User Chars Fred

love valley goreme turkey 12Image Credit Flickr User Alaskan Dude

When you tire – as well you might – at looking at fifty meter high phallic geology then there are other things to do around the small town of Göreme.

love valley goreme turkey 13Image Credit Flickr User Rafa

There is an open air museum which can be visited by walking about a mile outside of the town at the edge of Love Valley. There you are in for something of a surprise – seven hundred year old Christian cave paintings. They were produced by monks inside the cave churches that they excavated from solid rock. Altogether it could be said to be one of the world’s more unusual museums. It is a little expensive but worth every Turkish lira.

love valley goreme turkey 14Image Credit Flickr User Darcy McCarty

love valley goreme turkey 15Image Credit Flickr User Alaskan Dude

However, it is the strange rock formations outside of the town’s perimeter in Love Valley that people find the most memorable. Kapadokya means the ‘land of the beautiful horses’ in Turkish (and it is advisable to learn a few words and phrases – the locals will appreciate it greatly). Of course, no one comes here to see or trade horses but they come to be inspired by the landscape around them – quite like nothing on earth.

love valley goreme turkey 16Image Credit Flickr User Ryanxchow

love valley goreme turkey 23Image Credit Flickr User virtualwayfarer

Most tourists come in the summer, so to see these formations in the snow is quite unusual.

love valley goreme turkey 17Image Credit Flickr User Dachalan

love valley goreme turkey 18Image Credit Flickr User Rick Lem

The rock formations are a result of volcanic eruptions in ancient times. Then, millennia of erosion did its work on the igneous rock. Igneous rock is formed when magma (the molten stuff!) cools down and becomes solid. It can – as in the case of Kapadokya – be weathered away and create some rather peculiar – or in this case phallic – geological leftovers.

love valley goreme turkey 19Image Credit Flickr User CharlesFred

love valley goreme turkey 20Image Credit Flickr User CharlesFred

It could be suggested that the Cappadocians could have been more forthright in the naming of the valley, but their natural modesty probably forbad it. Love is a universal word, after all, and there is nothing that could be considered remarkable in its resemblance to the female equivalent of these enormous formations in the area. Perhaps ‘Willy Valley’ would just have sounded a little bit silly anyway. After all, hand in hand with Lake Titicaca the world might very well go to hell in an innuendo ridden handbasket.

love valley goreme turkey 21Image Credit Flickr User vin60

love valley goreme turkey 22Image Credit Flickr User Jungle Boy

Altogether this area of Turkey offers the visitor a variety of different holiday experiences that are – to say the least – that little bit different. From hiking, biking, to hot air ballooning, Kapadokya offers unusual ways to see the site – and what sights they are.

love valley goreme turkey 24Image Credit Flickr User Queen Esoterica


Friday, 11 May 2012

10 Amazing Shark Attack Stories

Every year, there are about sixty shark attacks reported world wide. These are ten of the scariest and most amazing stories of shark attacks ever recorded!

1. His Wet Suit Held His Skin Together

His Wet Suit Held His Skin Together

In 1963, freestyle diver, Rodney Fox, was taking part in a spear-fishing competition off the South Australian coast. While diving without oxygen, Fox was grabbed around the middle by a great white shark. Fox fought the shark hard, getting free at one point and having the shark return to bite him again. Fox then wrapped his arms around the beast and was taken for a terrifying ride under the sea as the shark tried to shake him off. The shark had Fox's arm in his mouth, and when he pulled the arm out, his skin was shredded from the bone. Finally, after very nearly drowning, Fox got free and was pulled into a boat. His bones were visible on his right hand and arm, and his rib cage, lungs, and upper stomach were all completely exposed. His rescuers kept his wetsuit on, which kept his internal organs from spilling out, ultimately saving his life. Fox underwent four hours of surgery and received 462 stitches to put his skin back together, but he is still alive today to tell his tale of surviving an attack from one of the world's greatest predators. (Link | Photo)

2. Bethany Hamilton Was Back On Her Board A Month After Losing Her Arm


In 2003, Bethany Hamilton was age 13. She was Hawaii's top female surfer in her age group and one of the best in the United States before being attacked on the morning of Halloween by a 14-foot tiger shark. Bethany was lying on her surfboard with her left arm dangling in the water when the shark came up from below and bit off her arm at the shoulder. Her friends were able to apply a tourniquet and get help, but she lost over 60 percent of her blood and endured many surgeries in order to recover.
Remarkably, losing her arm did not dissuade Hamilton from surfing, and within a month of her attack she was back on her surfboard. In 2005, Hamilton won her first national title at the National Scholastic Surfing Association National Championships. Her story later became the basis for a big budget Hollywood movie called "Soul Surfer." (Photo)

3. Man K*lled In Front of New Bride While On Honeymoon

In Front of New Bride While On Honeymoon

Just ten days after getting married, British honeymooners Ian and Gemma Redmond were enjoying a tropical beach vacation in Seychelles, when tragedy struck. Thirty-year-old Ian Redmond was snorkeling just twenty yards off shore while his new wife sunbathed on the beach. Redmond was attacked by a shark, which bit off one arm and destroyed one of his legs. It is thought that Redmond died instantly, though he was quickly pulled from the water into a boat, and a doctor on the beach applied first aid until emergency medical crews arrived. Redmond's hysterical new wife was restrained by the crowds of people on the beach while workers attempted to save her husband. (Link | Photo)

4. Man Punches Shark In Face To Escape

Man Punches Shark In Face To Escape

Twenty-eight year old Hawaiian resident Joshua Holley was surfing at his favorite spot off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii's North Shore, when a 10-foot tiger shark bit his left foot. Instinctively realizing what he needed to do, Holley hauled off and punched the shark twice in the face, and the shark swam away. Holley suffered some severed tendons in his foot which required 42 stitches to repair, but the shark did not bite any major arteries. In spite of his attack, Holley says he will return to the water and feels no animosity towards the shark, saying, "You have to remember when you're in the ocean you have to respect the ocean, that's where they eat, live, breed; we're just visitors in their home." (Link | Via | Photo)

5. Diver Survives Attack By Fending Off Shark With Camera

Diver Survives Attack By Fending Off Shark With Camera

Conservationist and professional underwater photographer and diver, Russell Easton, was photographing a 12-ft tiger shark in the Bahamas when suddenly his camera's viewfinder showed a huge mouthful of sharp teeth! The shark bit into Easton's camera, so the diver shoved the camera further into his mouth and was able to swim away to safety.
Despite the terrifying incident, the diver says he doesn't think the shark was trying to hurt him; rather, the shark was just trying to figure out what he was by using his mouth like we would use our hand. (Link | Photo)

6. Dolphins Save Swimmers From Shark

Dolphins Save Swimmers From Shark

While on a training swim about 100 metres off Ocean Beach near Whangarei on the North Island of New Zealand, lifeguard Rob Howes said he and three female lifeguards were surrounded by a pod of dolphins who were acting very strangely. The dolphins circled around the swimmers and began beating the water with their fins, causing the water to be a churning mass of dolphins and bobbing human heads. Howes managed to get outside the circle of dolphins, and that's when he spotted a huge great white shark a short distance away. As the shark moved closer to the women in the water, the dolphins became even more agitated and "went into hyperdrive." The shark finally swam away when a rescue boat approached, but the dolphins did not leave the scene until all of the swimmers were safely back on dry land. (Link | Photo)

7. Man Captures Attack On Film

Man Captures Attack On Film

In 1964, Henri Bource and two other divers were swimming with seals in the ocean off Lady Julia Percy Island in Australia, when a great white shark suddenly appeared and bit off his leg at the knee. His diving partners got Bource onto the boat, and incredibly, the rescue was videotaped.

Warning: this video is not for the squeamish!

Bource was an amateur underwater photographer and filmmaker, and he eventually took the film footage from the attack and reconstructed the other parts for a documentary called "Savage Shadows."
(Link | Photo)

8. Man Loses Leg and Becomes Shark Preservation Advocate

Man Loses Leg and Becomes Shark Preservation Advocate

On Aug. 4, 2001, while vacationing with his wife on Grand Bahama Island, Wall Street banker Krishna Thompson was attacked by a shark and dragged out to sea. When the shark pulled him under the water, Thompson knew he had to take action to save his own life, so he pried the shark's mouth open and punched it twice in the nose. The shark released him and he was able to get himself to shore, but sadly his leg was so damaged it had to be amputated.

Now, nearly ten years after his attack, Thompson has become an advocate for the preservation of the species, saying that "Sharks set the balance for the whole ocean." (Link 1 | Link 2 | Photo)

9. Shark Attack De*th Blamed On Reality TV Show

Shark Attack Deth Blamed On Reality TV Show

In April 2012, a production crew for the National Geographic channel was filming the television reality show "Shark Men" off the coast of South Africa. Reportedly, they were attracting sharks to the area by dumping gallons of fish parts ("chum") into the water. The production company had permits for chumming and filming, however, just a few days after chumming the waters, a local 20-year-old champion body boarder named David Lilienfeld was killed by a 13-to-16-foot shark in waters that had not previously seen shark activity since 1999.

Local residents were outraged, and the show's research permit was immediately revoked. The show "Shark Men" continues to receive criticism and has been cancelled. (Link | Photo)

10. Brave Mother Pulls Daughter From Jaws of Shark

Brave Mother Pulls Daughter From Jaws of Shark

In March of 2012, a mother and her 15-year-old daughter were sitting on their surfboards off the coast of New Smyrna Beach in Florida when a shark suddenly pulled the teen underwater. Acting quickly, Valeh Levy grabbed her daughter Sydney by the shoulders and pulled her up onto her own surfboard. The shark continued to circle until rescuers heard the mother's screams for help and chased it away. The teenager required surgery on her foot, but is expected to make a full recovery. (Link | Photo)


Friday, 4 May 2012

Incredible Pictures Show the Moment Unwary Seagull was Eaten by an OCTOPUS After Bird Settled on the Sea

An unusual life and de*th duel between a giant Pacific octopus and a tragic seagull which finished with an unlikely victory for the eight-armed mollusc has been captured on camera.

Doing battle off the Pacific coast of Canada at Victoria's Ogden Point breakwater, the octopus was seen to violently envelop the bird with its tentacles, drown it and then pull it to its watery grave.

Standing 10ft away was amateur photographer Ginger Morneau, who managed to capture the entire brutal display from mother nature and post it online, creating a viral storm.

The seagull is fighting for survival after its head was grabbed by the Pacific octopus off the coast of Victoria, CanadaThe seagull is fighting for survival after its head was grabbed by the Pacific octopus off the coast of Victoria, Canada

Standing around ten feet away from the duel, photographer Ginger Morneau captured the seagulls futile struggle to survive as the octopus grabbed onto its preyStanding around ten feet away from the duel, photographer Ginger Morneau captured the seagulls futile struggle to survive as the octopus grabbed onto its prey

Compelled by the tussle, which last just under one minute, Morneau had to fight off the urge to intervene and free the bird and watched helplessly as the fight ended in cruel defeat for the seagull.

'It was a stunning moment, to be sure,' said Morneau in The Vancouver Sun.

Also witness to the gruesome de*th were Morneau's husband Ken and her brother Lou Barker.

'We were strolling along and talking,' continued Morneau.

'I saw the bird in the water and it looked like he was pecking at something underwater.'

Having not surfaced for air since the octopus grabbed its head, the seagull was facing a losing battle to surviveHaving not surfaced for air since the octopus grabbed its head, the seagull was facing a losing battle to survive

Photographer Ginger Morneau thought about intervening in the battle between the pair but realised she couldn't get to the shore quickly enoughPhotographer Ginger Morneau thought about intervening in the battle between the pair but realised she couldn't get to the shore quickly enough

Quickly realising that the bird had not come up for air, the group looked closer.

'That was the odd part. That's what made us step forward and we realised there was an octopus,' said Morneau.

Grabbing her camera, Morneau started taking pictures as the seagull's head was engulfed in the octopus' arms.

'It was apparent that it was going to lose,' explained Morneau.

Thinking about intervening, Morneau could not get down to the rocks quickly enough to try.

'It's that horrible situation to watch, like a car wreck, it was so primal and gut wrenching,' said Morneau.

'The hair was standing up on the back of my neck.'

The seagull has been drowned by the octopus and the water lies still around the dead birdThe seagull has been drowned by the octopus and the water lies still around the dead bird

The octopus pulls his prey under the water after winning its unlikely struggle against the seagullThe octopus pulls his prey under the water after winning its unlikely struggle against the seagull

Initially fighting with all its might to free itself, the seagull gave once last jerk before it died and was pulled under the water by the octopus.

'It dropped like a stone,' said Morneau.

'And then it was just gone, were shocked and awestruck, we couldn't believe what we had just seen.

'At one stage, a flock of seagulls flew overhead as their friend was dying. They were waiting, I guess, for scraps.'

Leaving the deathly quiet scene, Morneau, her husband and brother enjoyed a lunch of calamari to toast the success of the octopus.

'Then, when we came home at the end of the day, I wondered what kind of similar pictures could be out there (on the Internet) and I couldn't find a single image of an event like this,' said Morneau.

article-0-12E9AA6E000005DC-425_634x357Photographer Ginger Morneau caught the chance encounter on camera and posted it to 'Bird Fellow Journal' who put the encounter on their twitter feed

Reflecting on the fight, Morneau was philosophical: 'It is the unknown. It is the murky depth. It comes up from down below,' said Morneau to Global News.

'It broke barriers. It broke the element of sea and air. It broke the rules.'

The Giant Pacific octopus is the largest octopus species and adults can weigh up to 15 kilograms and have an arm span of up to four metres.

Their usual prey is shrimp, crabs, scallops and fish.

'It was really sad at that final moment,' said Morneau to The Canadian Press.

'For as wonderful nature is, nature can be deadly.'



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