Thursday, 19 April 2012

Zoo Keepers Hand Rear Baby Gibbon

Zookeepers at the private Zoo Gartencenter Vida in Germany are giving a baby gibbon a better chance at life. The three-month-old lar gibbon (hylobates lar, also known as white-handed gibbon) named ‘Knuppy’ is being hand-reared after his mother rejected him, a common occurrence with primates born in captivity.

Zoo Keepers Hand Rear Baby GibbonImage: source

Doesn’t he look cute in his sweater vest?

Zoo Keepers Hand Rear Baby Gibbon 01Image: source

Germany-baby-gibbon-KnuppyImage: source

235437_02-joerg-sarbach-ap_origImage: source

235438_03-joerg-sarbach-ap_orig Image: source

235436_01-joerg-sarbach-ap_orighImage: source

235442_4459360102_origImage: source


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