Friday, 30 March 2012

Decision 2012: 10 Most Random Indie Party far

6a00d8341bf67c53ef0168e95dbdcc970c-450wiCould a wee preying mantis be America's favorite pet? How about a crusty sandcrab or guinea pig sporting a jaunty chapeau? These candidates are but a few examples of the the pet candidate diversity defining this year’s contest to elect America’s favorite pet, better known as Animal Planet's Decision 2012, Animal Planet's all-important race that will determine once and for all who and what is America's favorite pet!

Decision 2012 is open to all breeds and creeds and our most recent check of the leaderboard did not disappoint in the candidate diversity department! Check out our top ten most random candidates running for the "Other" or Independent ticket in Decision 2012!

Top 10 Most Random Candidates Running For Decision 2012...thus far!

1) Shy Leia the Hedgehog -She gets a bit prickly when you ask her to discuss the issues.

Shy Leia the Hedgehog

2) Nala the Bathing Bunny - Gotta hand it to her for submitting a shot of herself in the tub for her political candidacy. Bold.

Nala the Bathing Bunny

3) BunBun the itty bitty rodent - Just 'BunBun' (No breed or creed was provided.) Is he a Gerbil? Dwarf hamster?

BunBun the itty bitty rodent

4)  Drake the Leatherback Bearded Dragon - Ironic beards are really hot right now, so he has a chance.

Drake the Leatherback Bearded Dragon

5) Lacy the sand crab - She also gets crabby when you ask her about the issues. Here she is photographed in front of her oceanfront beach house.

Cookie The Guinea Pig

7) Eve the British Green Praying Mantis - Perhaps she has a lock on the religious right?

Eve the British Green Praying Mantis

8) Blink the Tree Frog - He can help you lower your auto insurance.

Blink the Tree Frog

9)  Luca the cricket.

Luca the cricket

10) Jane Doe the crafty caterpillar.

Jane Doe the crafty caterpillar

Is your pet deserving of the title of America's favorite pet? Now is your chance to weigh in and submit your candidates and votes for America's favorite pet. Dogs, cats, fish, gerbils, otters, horses, rabbits, birds, ferrets, pigs... critters of all walks, breeds and creeds are welcomed to submit their candidacy!


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