Saturday, 18 February 2012

Underwater Dog Photography Reveals New Animal Perspectives

Animal photographer Seth Casteel has been getting a lot of attention for his series of pictures depicting dogs underwater. While all of the photos are impressive, what's most interesting (or disturbing) is how the photos combine the childlike delight of these dogs with what looks like terrifying scowls on their faces as they hone in on their play toy targets. But as great as those pictures are, there's an accompanying video posted online that might be even better.

Underwater Dog

Underwater Dog 08

Casteel posted a video of "Nevada the Diving Dog," a Border Collie determined to fetch a tennis ball as it descends to the bottom of a swimming pool. One unusual aspect of the underwater filming is the way it almost appears like Nevada is about to run out of breath before slowly paddling his way back to the surface. And sure enough, it takes Nevada a few tries but he does eventually get the ball at the bottom of the swimming pool.

Underwater Dog 010

Underwater Dog

Underwater Dog 01


Underwater Dog 02


Underwater Dog  03

Underwater Dog  04

Underwater Dog 05

Underwater Dog  06



Underwater Dog  07


Underwater Dog 011

Underwater Dog  013







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