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Animal Pictures of the Year 2011: Animals Feeding and Fighting

Photographer Katrina Bridgeford took this amazing photograph of Brutus, a 5.5m saltwater crocodile, giving a boatload of tourists a moment they'll never forget on the Adelaide River, just over 100km south of Darwin, last week. Ms Bridgeford was on the cruise with sons Jordan, 14, and Dylan Woodward, 11 as well as four-year-old niece Skye Bridgeford and boyfriend Daniel Wilson.


Dylan had only two words when the massive man-eater rose out of the water in front of the group: "Holy crap!" The huge saltwater crocodile, which is missing its right front leg, is a favourite with tourists on the Adelaide River Cruises, because he loves his meal of buffalo meat and always puts on a good show for it.


A cat bats a mouse into the air. These images were taken by amateur photographer Angelo DeSantis who arrived home to find his two-year-old cat Dexter playing with a mouse. Mr DeSantis captured the shot of Dexter throwing the mouse into the air with such force the mouse does a somersault...


Chris Bailey was photographing pheasants on the frozen plains of South Dakota early this month. But his photoshoot was interrupted when a huge Bald Eagle swooped down and made off with one of his subjects. Chris had struggled through deep snow in -28 degree temperatures to photograph the pheasants but was delighted to capture the attack instead.


A massive crocodile and a protective mother hippopotamus lock jaws in a titanic battle in the Shire River, in the Liwonde National Park, Malawi. The reptile burst out of the shallows, jaws open, lunging towards a hippo and her calf. At first it looked like the reptile had the upper hand, but the hippo sent the scaly intruder packing bloodied and bruised...


Stop thief! A sparrow catches the ankle of a winged intruder trying to steal its dinner. Urs Schmidli photographed the birds squabbling in mid-air combat in his back garden in Switzerland.


A great white shark breaches the ocean as it hunts in False Bay, South Africa. This lethal 20 foot long leaping shark may look like it has made a spectacular kill - but no seal was hurt during the shooting of these pictures. Michael Rutzen, from Kleinbaai, South Africa used a five foot-long foam and fibreglass dummy seal tied to his boat to lure the sharks out of the water.


Photographer Max Waugh caught this confrontation between a coyote and a plucky otter in the freezing wastes of Yellowstone Park. The unsuspecting otter stuck its head out of an ice hole to find a hungry coyote looking straight at him. Undeterred, the otter leapt out and launched a pre-emptive strike that sent the hapless carnivore running away with its tail between its legs before it could even think of lunch.


A fearless warthog turns the tables on a cheetah who wanted it for dinner, at the Tshukudu Private Game Reserve in South Africa. As the big cat sprinted towards its prey, the warthog performed a u-turn and charged towards the baffled cheetah who quickly bolted in the opposite direction. The cheetah was left embarrassed and hungry and loped off with its tail between its legs in search of an easier meal. The shots were captured by wildlife photographer Stu Porter.


This hungry bird gives another meaning to the term spear fishing - as she turns her unlucky prey into a fish kebab. The anhinga bird spotted the fish swimming in a river before setting her sights on it for tea. She dived in head first and expertly skewered the fish with her beak...


A python became the focus of an epic tug-of-war between two leopards. The six-and-a-half-foot (2m) long African rock python became the unwilling "rope" in the game, after being caught by a female leopard in the long grass. But as she dragged it, still wriggling, along behind her, she was ambushed by her son who wanted to land the kill for himself. The young male snatched the end of the enormous snake in his powerful jaws, and tried to tug it away from his mother...


A giant vulture and a hungry jackal fight over a pile of bones. Photographer Stephen Earle snapped the scene from a hide as the two animals battled at Giant's Castle Game Reserve in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. The vulture backed away following a one-minute stand-off with the black-backed jackal.


A ferocious great white shark looks like it is having a laugh as it smiles for the camera. Photographer Mike Parry was standing just 5ft away from the powerful predator when it broke through the water near his small fishing boat near Dyer Island, Cape Province, South Africa. He said: "No one on the boat could believe that I was lucky enough to catch the exact moment. It takes a lot of waiting and patience for that one lucky shot."


A hawk attacks a rabbit during an annual traditional hunting competition near the village of Uzynagash outside Almaty. Kazakhstan's national sport of Sayat - or hunting with birds of prey - is popular in the Central Asian state


I've got a frog in my throat... This burrowing owl was left with a huge pair of frog's legs dangling from its mouth when it tried to eat breakfast in one go. The bird struggled to gulp down its prey as it stood in a grassy field. Photographer Michael Cenci took this photo while on holiday near Cape Coral, Florida, US. He was delighted with the picture, which he calls "Frogleg Moustache" because the legs look like a handlebar 'tache.


A bullfrog gets more than a mouthful as it tries to swallow another frog whole. Husband and wife Tad and Karen Bacon discovered the sight while cleaning their swimming pool in Parkton, Maryland, US. Mrs Bacon said: "I heard my husband screaming: "Get your camera, you are not going to believe this!" This species of bullfrog is thought to prey on anything it can overpower and fit in to its stomach - from rodents, birds and bats to turtles, snakes and other frogs.


This photo seems to show that compassion for another might not just be a human emotion, as a hippo tries to save a wildebeest which broke its back while crossing the Masai River in Kenya during the annual migration. Wildlife photographer Mitchell Krog captured a hippo trying to help the wildebeest which became stuck on a submerged rock in the river.


This hardy frog battled with a snake for 20 minutes before finally kicking itself free and hopping to safety. The frog grabbed hold of a branch and held on for dear life after the snake pounced from behind. Photographer Brizadly Arifin said: "I was sitting in my backyard when I heard the pained sound of a frog. It was like a scream. I saw the snake swallow one of the frog's legs but the frog was very strong and refused to give in. After 20 minutes, the snake finally released the frog's foot and let him escape to freedom."


These two foxes look like they might be fighting to the death as they bite and scratch each other in a bitter fight. The scrap, which lasted only a few seconds, was captured by photographer Willem de Kok, near Haarlem, in the Netherlands.


Two sun bears look like professional wrestlers as they take it in turns to pin each other to the ground. The playful Malayan Sun Bears - named after a golden yellow patch on their chest - grappled under a tree before rolling around on the floor at Zoo Miami in Florida, United States. Photographer Adrian Tavano said: "The fight lasted for about five minutes. They were an even match but the one with the lighter fur won in my opinion." Did someone say 'bear knuckle fighting'?


A koi carp is carried off in the talons of an osprey. The moment was captured by Israeli photographer Assaf Gavra at a secluded pool outside Pardesiya, Israel, where Mr Gavra lay waiting for several hours.


'Jackal vs lion' by Ken Stratford, overall winner of the BBC Wildflife Magazine Camera-trap Photo of the Year 2011. A stunning set of images of a fearless black-backed jackal running rings around a male lion in Ongava Game Reserve, Namibia. The rest of the winning images are published in the December issue of BBC Wildlife Magazine.


A leopard leaps onto a Land Rover for his big close up. Sergey Kotelnikov was shocked when this overly camera-friendly young leopard jumped onto the roof of his vehicle in Namibia, close to the border with Botswana. Sergey Ivanov, who snapped the photo from an adjacent vehicle, said: "My friend was scared. I was frightened, too, even though I was on the roof of the other car, as you expect it to begin attacking. But we soon relaxed when we realised that this big kitten was just playing."


This is the moment a wildlife photographer outfoxed a fox - by setting up a secret camera to capture him stealing an egg. German snapper Horst Jegen, 41, had observed the critter persistently creep into his garden and try to steal his kittens dinner. The pesky fox, which has been nicknamed Leo by Horst and his family, refused to give up and returned every day for a month in search of food. Spotting a perfect picture opportunity, wildlife snapper Horst rigged up an elaborate trap - involving a hidden button, an egg and his trusty camera. The 41-year-old placed the egg inside a hollowed log with a button underneath.


A snarling mexican grey wolf at the Brookfield Zoo in Illinois


A night heron flies away with a duckling that has wandered too far from its mother. Wildlife photographer Michael Yang was taking his wife out to spot some cute wildlife at Radio Road in California to cheer her up after being ill for a few days. He said: "We were hoping to find some baby avocets, stilts or ducklings, and were both really happy to see several families of ducklings following their mothers around the pond. As we were watching the ducklings a night heron flew in." The duckling tried to dive under water to escape the night heron; unfortunately it didn't get deep enough and the heron pulled it out of the water, grabbing the duckling by a foot. Michael said: "At some point in all this my wife had turned away and started sobbing. It didn't help that, through all this, I was taking pictures of the 'event' and not comforting her instead."


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