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15 Landscapes That Need To Be Photoshop ... To Look Real

Someone should correct color, retouch shapes, or add an element to the images that follow are places closer to the parameters of the landscapes that are credible. At first glance, appear retouched images, scenery of a fictional movie after hours of digital editing, landscapes that look like they were overly manipulated. We selected 15 landscapes that need Photoshop, but above all, to change something to make them seem real.

1. The Blue Grotto, Italy

It seems that someone has placed blue lights under the water, or easier in times of Photoshop, someone has saturated the water color changing its tone. But the reality is that none of this is necessary. The Blue Grotto is a natural spectacle on the island of Capri as simple as surprising light entering from the outside is refracted into the water in the cave with a blue dramatically effect, judging by the photos:

Blue Grotto, ItalyGlen Scarborough

Blue Grotto, Italy 01Dr Tr

2. The coast of the fairy chimneys, Taiwan

The mountain Dantun meets the sea, and then, after thousands of years, reveals a more characteristic of a legend than reality we imagined possible. They are called hoodoo formations , rocks that resemble "fairy chimneys", a walk of 1,700 meters near the town of Wanli that as the images are digitally modeled as a landscape

The coast of the fairy chimneys, TaiwanBill So

The coast of the fairy chimneys, Taiwan 01Bernard McManus

3. A landscape that appears on Mars in Argentina

If the mission of an expert in digital retouching was to recreate a landscape that seems to "Mars" should know that nature has already won the hand. Close Tolar Gra nde, in the province of Salta, in an isolated and inaccessible, is a landscape that could well serve as scenery in the Red Planet.

A landscape that appears on Mars in ArgentinaAlejandro Cañizares

A landscape that appears on Mars in Argentina 01Kevin Jones

4. From Mars to the Moon in Chile

If we get excited with a Martian landscape in Argentina, not far, is a landscape that many find similar to a lunar landscape. In fact, it is called Valle de la Luna, and need someone to add in Phososhop deign, some sign that our planet belongs to:

From Mars to the Moon in ChileShaun Dunphy

From Mars to the Moon in Chile 01Obliot

5. A Fire coast in Hawaii

would imagine a Hollywood blockbuster, and hours of digital retouching to make it look believable situation "absurd": a fire at sea. However, it happens in the coast of Hawaii , due to volcanic activity in a battle between fire and water that is eternal:

A Fire coast in HawaiiVlad Butsky

A Fire coast in Hawaii 01Erik Charlton

6. Turquoise cascade reddish earth, Arizona, USA.

We came to a fantasy landscape, a barren, red land, where we get into a canyon. Suddenly, you hear a sound that sounds amazing: a rushing waterfall cascading into a pool of turquoise water. We could recreate it in Photoshop, or simply move to the Havasu Canyon , in the state of Arizona, USA.

Turquoise cascade reddish earth, Arizona, USAAndy Withers

Turquoise cascade reddish earth, Arizona, USA 01Peter.howe

7. Bungle Bungle, textures "painted" in Australia

It is no longer of any planet, because it looks familiar textured or not an image of the space. However, Bungle Bungle , in Australia, has a texture of sandstone that has nothing to envy to the files in Photoshop to apply textures .

Bungle BungleNeilsPhotography

Bungle Bungle 01Rainer Körner

8. A dreamscape underground in China

The colorful lights do nothing to give a realistic picture of the place. But imagining no lights, it would still be difficult to recreate in Photoshop. The Reed Flute Cave , in Guilin, China is an attraction that transports us to a place that hardly imagine that there is to cross it and see.

A dreamscape underground in ChinaChristine und David Schmitt

A dreamscape underground in China 02Bernt Rostad

9. Laguna Colorada, Bolivia

In the highlands of Bolivia, Laguna Colorada is a paradise in height, at least for the pink flamingos that inhabit it. Its color obviously has some "real" to the usual standards. A bit of Photoshop to change the color of water, would help but wonder if some fool tries to touch our senses:

Laguna Colorada, BoliviaCarlos Adampol Galindo

Laguna Colorada, Bolivia 01Carlos Galindo

10. The Giant Rock, Mojave, California

Somebody made a cut in Photoshop and changed the scale on this rock. At least think about it more "credible" to imagine that the Giant Rock is the result of a long process of erosion that has placed dislodged in a desert area, with a size equivalent to a building of seven stories high. It is at least one bizarre freak of nature.

The Giant Rock, Mojave, Californiagrabadonut

Giant RockGiant Rock

11. Lagos chained in the Wilderness, Afghanistan

in an arid landscape of Afghanistan, would be most unlikely in a series of lakes chained like dams, water in blue and surrounded by mountains that seem sculpted by their strange ways. So are lakes Band-e Amir , in an area inaccessible and elusive even for tourism.

Lagos chained in the Wilderness, AfghanistanAfghanistan Matters

Afghanistan MattersAfghanistan Matters

12. Pumice Stone Field, Argentina

Or someone has dedicated his life (or several) to transform rocks into sculptures in a superhuman task, or a ready abuser of Photoshop (or 3D modeling), spent several hours recreate a fantasy landscape. However, rather "it has" the nature, simulating more than 3,000 meters high in the province of Catamarca, Argentina, a "glacier" of rock, the result of erosion over thousands of years.

Olas de merengue quemadito, Campo de Piedra Pómez, Catamarca, ArgentinaRodolfo Pace

Campo de Piedra Pómez, Catamarca, ArgentinaRodolfo Pace

13. A forest in the clouds in Huangshan, China

Charge to an expert in Photoshop, to simulate a stone forest "hanging gardens" shrouded in mist high. Almost like a landscape to Avatar. Best I could not do in nature Huangshan , a dreamy landscape in China:

A forest in the clouds in Huangshan, ChinaArne Hückelheim

A forest in the clouds in Huangshan, China 01Arne Hückelheim

14. The wave of Arizona, United States

" wave of the desert " is simply a rock formation shaped by wind. The sandstone formation is a classic among the lists of places, "unreal", without hesitation, and we could not leave it out:

The wave of Arizona, United StatesStefan Mendelsohn

The wave of Arizona, United States  01Stefan Mendelsohn

15 . The Chocolate Hills in Philippines

Somebody did. Had the audacity to add in the middle of a flat landscape and lush, lots of cones that look like chocolate. It's another "simulation" of Mother Nature: chocolate hills in the Philippines . ... "When winter pastures that give the velvety texture of these rounded peaks that reach 120 meters high, dry, wrapped the hills in a brown that becomes even more attractive, making them look like perfect cones of chocolate "...

The Chocolate Hills in PhilippinesHulivili

The Chocolate Hills in Philippines 01Didier Baertschiger

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