Saturday, 6 August 2011

Angel or Devil Dog?

angel or devil dog

In 1954 Vladimir Demikhov shocked the world by showing a monster created surgically, it was a two-headed dog. The scientist created this animal in a lab on Moscow outskirts. He transplanted a head, shoulders and front legs of a puppy on a neck of an adult German shepherd.

angel or devil dog 01

Demikhov showed this dog to reporters from all over the world. Both heads breathed, played and simultaneously lapped milk from bowls. The second head always tried to bite the ears of the first one. These unique moments were filmed.

This operation was planned and realized by Demikhov despite prohibitions of the Health Ministry. Vladimir operated with his collaborator V.  Gorianov in a basement of the Institute of Sklifosovsky, because there was no place in the Institute of Surgery for such experiments.

angel or devil dog 02

The Soviet scientist made his experiments with a bad light, on wooden tables, using an old vacuum cleaner instead of a compressor. But then the whole world spoke about them. There were no appropriate conditions for the dogs care and the Demikhovs took the dogs to their home in a communal flat.

angel or devil dog 03

For only fifteen years Demikhov created twenty two-headed dogs. None of them lived for a long time, as they inevitably di*d because of the tissue rejection. One month was a record period for these dogs.

angel or devil dog 04

The scientist explained that these animals were connected by bl*od vessels, they had a mutual blood circulation. Moreover, a little dog had an ablated heart and lungs, so it lived due to respiration and blood circulation of a big dog. This strange exp*rience was made in order to check whether it was possible to save a sick person by “connecting” him with a blood circulation of another person.

angel or devil dog 05angel or devil dog 06

The main purpose of his experiments was to learn to transplant a hum*n heart and lungs. In 1967 this goal was reached by another surgeon, Doctor Christian Barnard, however, many people admitted that Demikhov “paved” the way for the achievement of this goal. Barnard considered Demikhov his master during all his life.

angel or devil dog 07angel or devil dog 08

By looking at this dog it’s hard to imagine that it has two hearts. But it is true. Doctor Demikhov listens carefully two hearts beating.


Демихов гуляет с собакой, которой было пересажено второе сердце

Demikhov walks with a dog named Grishka that had a transplanted second heart .

angel or devil dog 10

Demikhov can be considered as the founder of the world transplantology.

angel or devil dog 11

angel or devil dog 12

And what is your attitude to such experiments? Do you think the science development is worth lives of animals?



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