Saturday, 11 June 2011

Elephants Invade Indian Town, Chaos Ensues

Wild elephants apparently went on a de*dly rampage in southern India, k*lling a man, damaging property, and injuring others.

The pachyderms "attacked" the city of Mysore in India's Karnataka state, but were eventually tranquillized according to the AP. Hundreds are apparently k*lled every year in India when these animals wander into urban areas.

Footage of the elephant goring a man was broadcast on New Delhi Television, according to the AP. There are photos of the incident in the slideshow below.

The two elephants were eventually tranquilized and chained to other elephants in order to keep them from freeing themselves and continuing their rampage.

India Elephant Rampage

Elephants Invade Indian Town, Chaos Ensues 02

A wild elephant attacks a vehicle on a street in Mysore, in the southern Indian state of Karnataka, Wednesday, June 8, 2011. News reports say two wild elephants have gone on a rampage and government officials are trying to tranquilize the animals. Every year hundreds of people across India d*e when wild animals wander into cities as their natural habitats shrink and they have to range farther for food.

Elephants Invade Indian Town, Chaos Ensues

India Elephant Rampage 01

India Elephant Rampage 02

India Elephant Rampage 03

India Elephant Rampage 05

Elephants Invade Indian Town, Chaos Ensues 04

Elephants Invade Indian Town, Chaos Ensues 06

India Elephant Rampage 04

India Elephant Rampage 06

India Elephant Rampage 07


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Hey - I am certainly glad to find this. Good job!

thomasjjolliff said...

Really Awesome blog.Elephants is not irritate someone if you don't irritate it. and whole rampage can not be happen.

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Very good visiting that web-site.


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