Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Swallowed by the tsunami: Horrifying new footage shows race to outrun giant wave

UK Daily Mail  April 12, 2011.

The sheer panic of people trying to flee the Japanese tsunami has been captured in a newly-released video that shows the life and de*th race to outrun the wave.

The fate of some of those in the footage is unknown as the water rises so quickly that they simply disappear in the swell carrying cars and buildings.

Residents from the town, believed to be called Minami-sanriku, are seen running up the side of a hill to safety as the water behind them closes in on them.

Horrifying new footage shows race to outrun giant wave

However, many people don't make it and the water simply swallows them up despite the efforts of other people around them.

women runs

A group can be seen towards the end of the footage desperately trying to pull what are believed to be sick or elderly people up a steep ridge.

A person in a blue coat runs back down the hill to the aid of someone who is stuck. He is aided by another person in a red jacket and as it looks like they are about to succeed the water rises and pulls them into the water.

Other new footage has emerged of a car being swallowed up by the water as its occupants drive along a coastal road.

Apparently unaware of the water swelling up behind sea defences just yards away, they continue on their journey.

But then the wave crashes over the barrier and onto the road. It is too quick for the driver and their passengers and soon envelops the car, tossing and turning it as it bobs along the water.


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