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10 + Incredibly Bizarre Animals with Unusual Human Faces

Unbelievable! These bizarre animals have an unusual appearance of human faces. Whether they are a result of evolution or a hybrid product of human, they seem to have us amazed with their incredible human features.

Heike Crab

Heike Crab Image source

Heike Crab seems to have markings on their carapace resembling a human face. The Japanese believe that this crab is a manifestation of the spirits of drowned Samurai warriors.

heikecrab_2 Image source

As told in “The Tale of the Heike”, Heike crabs were a reincarnation of the spirit of the Heike warriors who were defeated at the Battle of Dannoura. When these crabs are caught, Japanese fishermen will throw them back into the water.


Axolotl01 Image source

Axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum) is a type of an amphibian, but New Zealanders and Australians refer Axolotl as the Mexican Walking Fish. Due to its ability to regenerate, it’s considered as a fascinating and unique creature. Since Axolotl is neotenic, it doesn’t routinely undergo metamorphosis from the larva to its adult stage.

Green Shield Bug

Green Shield BugImage source

This green shield bug (Palomena prasina) is a flattened, shield-shaped body bug seen occasionally in the United Kingdom, being found in many habitats. As its name suggests, it’s bright green in color with delicate flecks of black resembling small puncture marks. In appearance, females are much larger than males.

southerngreenstinkbugnymph_2 Image source

Prior to hibernating over the winter as adults, these bugs turn from bright green during the summer to a darker green to brown in the autumn. During the late summer and autumn, they prefer to sitting on plant foliage in the sun.


Casperonian Image source

This is the coolest looking bug I’ve ever encounter in my life. At a glimpse, I might doubt on what I see! Yuck, a human face-looking bug! It’s called Casperonian.

femalefacebug_2 Image source

Look carefully at this bug, not only does it resemble a human face, but also a tribal mask. While searching for food, its potential predator might spend longer time wondering what the heck this creature is.

Eucorysses grandis

Eucorysses grandis Image source

This insect, Eucorysses grandis, never stops to keep me in amazement. Seeing on this animal, it tells me a guy wearing a pair of sunglasses and he is also putting on a pretty cool mustache for a disguise purpose.

Barca Blanca

Barca Blanca Image source

In this photograph, this creature looks like a crafting art, appearing as an African mask. I just love to see a unique animal like this one. This impressive bug has undoubtedly captured many eyes.

Tomasz Gorny

Tomasz Gorny Image source

Although this stink bug appears huge in the photograph, its length is only about 1cm. Its shield seems like to be made of leather, doesn’t it? This is indeed an amazing creature again!


Landersz Image source

Hey, what the heck is going on with these firebugs? Hmmm, actually, they’re discussing a combating strategy to help defend their country (laugh). Well, these animals are called Landersz, and their scientific name is pyrrhocoris apterus. They’re commonly seen in Europe.

Wesley Sng

Wesley Sng Image source

This might be a sexy girl putting on red velvet on her back. Yep! She was invited to dance with a prince in a ballroom! See, how she behaves, so arrogant with her newly sewn velvet! (laugh)

Hey, don’t think that she is a good girl! She is a bad bug feeding on cotton during the harvesting season. She is in facts, a notorious crop pest every farmer hates of.

Insert Hunter

hunter-insect_1 Image source

Hi, I’m called an Insect Hunter, but I’m not a hunter as my name suggests. Could you keep an eye on me? Don’t you see I’m carrying a gorilla-looking mask on my back? Now, what’s up? Take me a photo and make me famous!

Shield Bug

Shield Bug Image source

Shield bugs, commonly known as stink bugs, distributed abundantly in wet meadows, particularly in sedges, and are found primarily in the subtropical and tropical region. Worldwide, there are over 5000 Shield bugs species with over 200 of them being known.

Shield bugs have a distinctive triangular shield that hides their wings from the top and partially shield their body underneath. Since they’ve the ability to match with their environment with gray, green, or brown color, they’re always not noticeable. They’ve four odor-emitting glands on their abdomen and will emit a fouling odor when threatened.

De*th’s head Hawk Moth

1137121789_2 Image source

Found in most parts of the United Kingdom, De*th’s head Hawk Moths are the largest moths seen mainly from May to September on agricultural land where potato plants are grown. They feed on these crops and have an unusual habit of entering beehives in search for honey.

deathsheadhawkmoth_2 Image source

Due to their distinctive yellow rib-like markings on the back of their thorax which resemble a skull, they’ve been regarded as a striking creature.

Human-faced Carp

Human-faced Carp 01 Image source

“Koi” or an ornamental carp is mostly bred in Korea and Japan. It was said that this so-called “human-faced fish” was a hybrid of common carp and leather carp, a product of selective breeding by the human.

Human-faced Carp

Image source

It was rather big in size- about 32 inches in length- and its notably human feature forward-facing eyes became obvious when it was swimming about your eyes. It was also featured by Korean TV as a freaky fish.

Skull Back Spider

Skull Back Spider Image source

Yuck, this human skull-looking spider, really send cold chill down my spine! For now, I’m speechless.


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