Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Top 10 Incredible Fattest Animals

British media recently released a group of photos entitled "The world’s top 10 fattest animals". After seeing pictures of the fat robin who's clearly been enjoying a festive mince pie or two (above) we delved into the picture archives for some examples of other chubby creatures.

Cats, dogs, squirrels and - yes! - sharks all feature, proving that obesity isn't just an issue affecting the human race. These guys eating a certain number of alarming statements,

The diet bill of these guys must be very shocking, if the animals of the world are so fat, I am afraid nobody dares to want a pet. Check out the gallery below to see fat felines, porky pigs and massive monkeys.







This is an 8.5kg giant grey rabbit who is 74cm long and has ears 25.5cm long.



'Cyril' The fat squirrel. Cyril became a hit with tourists California back in 1997.



Rhesus monkey is seen at Ohama park in Sakai, near Osaka, May 11, 2008. Since June 2007, the park has cut down on the amount of food being fed to the monkeys from 10 kg (22 lbs) per day to 2 kg (4.4 lbs) because the monkeys have become overweight.



Georgie, an overweight eight-year-old grey nurse shark, is inspected by diver Colin Ong at the Melbourne Aquarium, 02 October 2006. Weighing in at an estimated 185-200 kilograms.





Fattest ape, he is trying to lose weight. Wish his success reducing weight!

Toothed Whale




It's usually turkeys that put on weight at this time of year but this plump robin appears to be the one who has eaten all the mince-pies.

Bonus – Pig





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Anonymous said...

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