Monday, 7 March 2011

The Greatest Works Of Snail Graffiti


The things they do across the pond. This is a graffiti-enhanced snail whose chassis was pimped by English street artist, Slinkachu. We’re calling this snail John, for obvious reasons.

snail gaffiti

Under the stewardship of Slinkachu, this snail, bearing the London public transport logo, carries some commuters to work.

snail gaffiti 01

There they go.

snail gaffiti 02

In a project called ‘Inner City Snail – A Slow-Moving Street Art Project’, Slinkachu uses non-toxic paint to decorate wild snails that, for too long now, have been hiding their light under a bushel.


Generally, the snails enjoy the process, with one claiming his makeover had given him new confidence and brought him out of his shell. But once Slinkachu has finished applying the finishing touches, he frees the renewed snails to roam the streets and illegally park.

snail gaffiti 03

Yet Slinkachu cannot be the world’s only proprietor of a snail salon, for, in coursing the undergrowth, our researchers found this terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusk. On his shell he bears the tag ‘Cre’, exquisitely rendered in snail varnish. Who’s Cre?

snail gaffiti 04

And then there’s this helix pomatia – a fine specimen, we think you’ll agree. On his appearance, he’s really shelled out.

snail gaffiti 05

And though by now we’ve become accustomed to encountering cosmetically enhanced helicidae – for yes, by that name goes the snail collective – we were nevertheless a little shell-shocked to discover snails showing their allegiance to Pikachu.

snail gaffiti 06

Sadly, on discovering this obnoxious youth our research ground to halt and we made Escargot. Add a little garlic to your butter.


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