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Genetic Mistakes: Eight Two-headed Living Lives

It’s always hard to draw a parallel line when it comes to “two animals share with one body” or/and “one animal is conjoined with two heads”. While the most common animals with two heads or two faces like snakes, tortoises and cats do not always shock the experts, many other uncommon two-headed species and two-headed human as well, always shock the experts. Not surprisingly, there is always a controversy debate on this issue among the community.

twoheadedgecko 01 pig2faces 01 twoheadedgrasshopper 01  

A gene mutation refers to a permanent change in the DNA sequence of a gene which might alter/modify the amino acid sequence of the protein encoded by the gene itself. Gene mutation can either be inherited from a parent (called hereditary mutation) or acquired during a person’s life (called acquired or somatic mutation). The hereditary mutation is a type of mutation that can present throughout a person’s life in almost every cell of their body while somatic mutation can occur in the DNA of individual cells on the cause of environmental factors (such as ultraviolet radiation from the sun) or it might occur if a mistake is made during the time DNA copies itself during the stage of cell division or a mistake occurs when it is being replicated (in S phase of the eukaryotic cell cycle).

De novo mutation is another type of mutation that occurs in sperm cell or an egg just after fertilisation, explaining the reason of the presence of genetic disorders in an affected individual who has a mutation in each of their cell, although they have been brought up in a family without a record of such strange and rare disorder. Nevertheless, up to now, certain genetic disorders are extremely strange and unbelievable and they cannot be explained with a scientific theory alone.

Two-headed Cat

twofacedkitten 01                                                                   Image source

In November 2008, this unusual kitten with two faces cat was born in Midvale. In the same year alone, in August, a kitten with four eyes, one mouth and two noses was born in Ohio, but it died after five days.

This two-headed kitten appeared to be healthy since it meowed and purred just like other normal cats. Its deformed appearance was believed to be the result of a congenital deformity which might have occurred in its early embryonic development.

Two-headed Fish

 twoheadedfish 01                                                                Image source

twoheadedfishegg 02                                                                  Image source

In 2009, scientists had seen hundreds of thousands of two-head fish being born at a Sunshine Coast hatchery which have prompted them to call for the ban of certain agricultural chemicals. They believed that the birth of mutant two-headed fish was caused by contamination of agricultural chemical in catchment area. Following this incident, approximately 90% of larvae that hatched from the eggs having two head died after two days.

Two-headed Grasshopper

twoheadedgrasshopper 01 Image source

This was an interesting shot of two-headed grasshopper taken in a farm situated in Amaga, a state of Antioquia, Columbia with the altitude of 1.4m above the sea level.

Two-headed Lamb

twoheadedlamb 01 Image source

This freaky two-headed lamb was born in Iceland in March 2009 and its birth has shocked animal experts globally. Local vet Pall Stefansson said that this lamb was rare.

mutatelamb 01 Image source

Another mutated lamb with two heads, four eyes and two mouths was also born in China in 2007.

Two-headed Python

pitondoscabezas01 Image source

Measuring 25 inches in length, this two-headed python became an attraction of the Colombo Zoo in the region of Tissa. Both heads can function independently and it uses its right head to control the movement, while its left head follows suit naturally.

Two-headed Gecko

twoheadedgecko 01 Image source

On June3, 2008, one unusual gecko with a head on each end of its body was discovered in an antique shop of Huaihua City, Central China’s Hunan Province. When found, it was measured about 10 cm in length.

Two-headed Pig

pig2faces 01 Image source

twoheadedpig 02 Image source

Coincidently, this 1.5-kg two-headed pig was born in 2007, during the Chinese Year of the Pig, so the local said the birth of this two-faced pig was a blessing. It was born with four eyes and two mouths in a small village of Quanzhou in the eastern part of China’s Fujian province.

Two-headed Human



Image source Image source

Abigail “Abby” Loraine Hensel and Brittany “Bitty” Lee Hensel are conjoined twins who share the same body. They were born on March 7, 1990 in Carver Country, Minnesota, United States, with two backbones and separate half-sacrum converging distally within a slightly broad pelvis. Although each of them controls a single half of their body, they still can walk easily.


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Um, the grasshopper and the gecko are NOT two headed. The grasshopper just has an interesting color pattern, and the gecko has a damaged tail. lrn2science.

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we are very lucky for we are delivered in this world normally.
I hope technology and science can help them, especially the twin sisiters


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