Monday, 21 March 2011

10 Giant&Monster Fish is Almost Extinct

Giant sized fish giant superjumbo is steadily decreasing throughout the world. Amazon River in South America and the Mekong River that passes in six countries: China, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam; become the main location of these giant 'weird-looking' fishes.

These are 10 jumbo size fish included in the list that is in danger to become extinct :

1. Dog Eating Catfish

giant-mekong-fish-dog-eating-catfish 01

The fish of the catfish family is dubbed as the name implies, eat dog meat. In ancient times, this mustachioed fish catch by people around the Mekong River by luring a dog meat.

2. Giant Carp

giantcarp 01 Imagce source

Giant carp fish is often found in the Mekong River Thailand. Fish weighing approximately 600 pounds this is drastically decrease in population number in Southeast Asia.

3. White Sturgeon

picStur2a  Image source

This fishes egg is a top class luxury food, caviar eggs. This fish was mentioned living longer than dinosaurs. The population in the southwest Pacific ocean and Canada is decreasing.

4. Sawshark

Sawshark Image source 

This fish is a combination of shark and saw, as its name. This marine fish often caught in fishing nets, then the number continues to decline.

5. Giant Stingray

Giant Stingray 01 Image source 

The Giant Stingray or Himantura chaophraya is one of the largest freshwater fish in the world. Also known as the Whip Ray, this massive stingray can grow to 16.5 ft (5m) and weigh in at an amazing 1,320 lbs (600 kg)…

6. Arapaima Gigas

Arapaima Gigas 01

Amazing jumbo-sized fish that is still 'distant relatives' Arowana fish. Also known as pirarucu, or paiche, is a South American tropical freshwater fish. It is a living fossil and one of the largest freshwater fishes in the world according to Wikipedia.

7. Monster Catfish

Monster Catfish Image source 

Although once called the largest freshwater fish ever, this fish looks like a sad all the time. Probably because the population decreased by 90%!

8. Bagarius Yarrelli

bagarious yarrelli

Yeti is a nickname of bigfoot monster in America. Well, this giant fish analogous to like a monster. The fish also known as Bagarius yarrelli, was reported to ate a human before.

9. Alligator Gar Fish

Chinese Paddlefish

Sometimes called “ugliest fish in North America” is like a crocodile fish with fish. These fish eat only other fish that size for his own mouth. in February 2007 this fish was found near the Jakarta area of 1.5m after floods hit Jakarta (according to wikipedia) fish was too picky about food like a small child.

10. Chinese Paddlefish

Chinese Paddlefish 01

If not so visible from a distance why most ugly here’s why he called the worst fish! This fish was nicknamed “King of the Yangtze” is unfortunately very difficult fish to be found so that the estimated extinct.

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