Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Crocodile Fish

Crocodile And Fish In A Body

crocodile fish 01

If we look at the picture above, surely you would answer it is a crocodile. But look closer, look good either. Long snout and sharp teeth. Can reach 3 meters in length and weighs 100 kg. Who would have thought if it is a fish. Crocodile Fish Exactly. Let us consider the following picture carefully.

crocodile fish 02

crocodile fish 03

crocodile fish 04

crocodile fish 05

crocodile fish 06

crocodile fish 07

crocodile fish 09

crocodile fish 10


2 коментара:

Anonymous said...

Those are alligator gar, dumbasses, not "Crocodile Fish."

Anonymous said...

its called an alligator gar.


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