Friday, 17 December 2010

Three Mighty Mammals That Moves Faster Than The Cobra Strike

What animals are lightning fast enough to avoid a cobra strike? In the animal kingdom having the most deadliest venom does not always ensure your survival.


The most classic tale on bitter rivalry must be between the cobra and the mongoose. I remember seeing the documentary on this rivalry in the 1980s. My perception back then was very much different. The scaly and slimy looking cobra was always on the side on the antagonist. The mongoose would always be the likable and lovable hero in the story who finally slays the evil villain. Anyway that was how the story was portrayed back then. In reality however, it is the cobra who is the one fighting for survival. The clumsy looking mongoose is the cobra’s natural predator. The cobra only has a very slim chance of escaping with its life in most encounters.

Honey Badger

Don’t let the cutesy name fool you. The honey badger is a voracious predator that eats almost everything. That’s why it is called the most fearless animal in Africa. Cobra meat is a just merely a snack for a hungry honey badger. Even the cobra’s venom would not kill it. It can sleep off the venom and continue looking for food the next morning. This is really bad news for all cobras.


Big cats like the lion will always have a big problem when dealing with a cobra. Smaller cats like the leopard however are an exception. Mind you, what you are about to see in the above video are two leopard cubs casually playing with a deadly cobra. Lightning fast reflexes of the leopard cubs are just too much for the cobra to take.

Bonus Material

Someone was kind enough to show an example of how a human fared against the cobra’s speed by using their own infant. I say that’s pretty generous of them. Obviously that infant is from the planet Krypton.


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