Friday, 4 June 2010

Sharks Eight Feet Long Fell Into The Fishing Net

Croatian fisherman Sylvia Celebrin remained without a catch after he is entangled in the net shark, about eight meters long and weighs a ton - written in the Croatian press.
Celebrin the hunted fish in the area of Omisalj, when he noticed something strange happening with their net.

"When I started using winches with lifting the trap, on the surface of the sea, wrapped ropes and fish trap, first a large tail," said Celebrin for "Novi list" and added that the very surprised when he saw what it is.

With the help of fellow dog was dragged to the camp, and after contact with experts from the Institute of Split Oceanographic conclusion was that the shark must be returned to the sea, because it is the type that feeds on plankton.


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