Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Sloth as a Pet - Who Wanted it Would Not?

Sloth Love

Sloths are a species of medium-sized arboreal mammals that live in the rainforests of Central and South America. They are weird looking some might say but also have a cute and mild look, inviting you to hug them. Despite their long claws, they are slow and friendly and won’t attack. Their snout is piggy-like and they can be just ADORABLE! Here’s a collection of 19 of these amazing animals in miniature: sloth babies! Enjoy!
Baby Sloth
Baby Sloth and His Teddy Bear
Cutest Sloth Ever
Three-toed Baby Sloth
Sloth Babies
Adorable Baby Sloth
Fluffy Baby Sloth
Furry Baby Sloth
Somebody Has a Milk Moustache!
Cute Baby Sloth
Sloth Babies
Baby 2-toed Sloth
Napping Sloth Babies
I’m Home!!!
3 Sloth Babies
 Baby Sloth
Baby Three-toed Sloth
Amazon Sloth

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