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Site Gruesome Nature of the Devil Smile

Would you like to know where you can find the devil? Check this out!

They say you can find the devil everywhere. He’s in the mountain, in the river, in the rock, in the sea, in the lake, in an island, in the mountain peak and anywhere else… Let’s find out!
1. Devil's town -Djavolja varos- Serbia

Devil's town -Djavolja varos is one of the most attractive natural phenomena in the world. It is a place of strange forms with a strange name, a complex of stone-capped, spindle-shaped pillars in science referred to as soil pyramids. It consists of 220 soil figures created by soil erosion.
The site got its name Devil's Town for its strange appearance, being a very rare form of erosion. It is also special for a great number of steady figures. The process of erosion has been going on at this site for centuries, therefore making some figures disappear and forming new ones...
Devil s town world nature wonderThe peculiarity which makes it different from other similar phenomenons in the world is the so called Djavolja voda (Devil's water), extremely acid water between the pillars, universally unique for its chemical composition, extereme acidity and high mineral content. Metal presence in the water is from five to incredible 16 percent.
There are many legends and folk tales about its origins, most of which say that the pillars represent people at a wedding petrified by God's will.
2.Devil’s Gate – Wyoming, USA
Welcome everyone! The entrance to the devil’s sites is widely open. This place called Devil’s Gate is located in Wyoming, USA. It is a natural rock formation, specifically a gorge situated in Sweet River. Devil’s Gate was a major landmark on the Oregon Trail and Mormon Trail.
3. Devil’s Golf Course – California, USA

Are you looking for thrill and excitement? Whether you are an amateur or a professional golfer, playing golf on the rugged and weird terrain of the Devil’s Golf Course will surely bring so much fun and adventure. This unusual geographical site is actually a large salt pan located in Death Valley National Park in California, USA. The depth of salt and gravel beds of the Devil’s Golf Course ranges from 300 to 2,700 meters.
4. Devil’s Staircase – Scotland, UK
 The devil has a slide. It also has a staircase – the Devil’s Staircase. This path which is used primarily by walkers and mountain bikers is located in Scotland, UK. Its name was given by soldiers who were part of the road’s construction due to the difficulties of carrying building materials up that stretch of the road.
5. Devil’s Slide – Utah, USA
 Sliding on tall and complex manmade slides is fun and exciting. Double the excitement by sliding at the Devil’s Slide, an unusual geological formation located in Weber Canyon in Utah, USA. This natural slide, running hundreds of feet down the mountain, consists of two parallel limestone strata.
6.Devil’s Garden – Utah, USA
After playing golf and sliding, its time to relax and feast your eyes with the natural beauty of this devil’s site known as the Devil’s Garden. It is located in Arches National Park. This spectacular series of rock fins that have broken out of the earth due to erosion is a popular tourist destination in Utah, USA. Some famous arch formations near the area include the Landscape Arch, Tunnel Arch, Pine Tree Arch and others.
7.Devil’s Playground – California, USA
And where do you think the devil play aside from his slide and golf course? Well, he also plays at the Devil’s Playground, a large sandy region in the Mojave Desert in California, USA. The area, which is consists of flat plains with several dry lake beds, stretches about 40 miles in a generally northwest-southeasterly direction. It specifically lies between the towns of Providence Mountains and Baker.
8. Devil’s Lake, Wisconsin, USA
The name of this site may sound absurd but the Devil’s Lake is a nature’s beauty to behold. This lake is located in Baraboo, Wisconsin in the USA. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the Devil’s Lake State Park. The name Devil’s Lake was given by the Ho-Chunk and is the site of annual Ho-Chunk Nation celebrations.
9.Devil’s Punchbowl – California, USA
So this is the place where the devil make punch! The Devil’s Punchbowl is a sandstone formation located in Los Angeles County in California, USA. This unique geological formation situated at an elevation of 1,450 m above sea level is part of the Devil’s Punchbowl Nature Center.

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