Sunday, 18 April 2010

Giant Squid Measuring Almost 100 Feet Caught in Arctic

It is a creature of myth, and of legend. For as long as mankind has sailed the oceans of the world, tales of Giant Squid have haunted us. Pieces have washed up on shore, and second hand evidence has teased us. Just a few months ago, a sperm whale, the arch nemesis of the giant squid, was found with squid sucker marks measuring 2 1/2 feet in diameter; the squid that left the marks would be in the range of 70-80 feet in length.

A brief snippet of video was captured last year of a giant squid estimated to be in the 50 foot range. But now the speculation is over, as an actual physical specimen of a giant squid has been caught. And the specimen does nothing to dispel legends.

It was caught by a Russian commercial fishing boat, snagged by deep sea nets used to pull in masses of arctic fish. The squid’s longest tentacle was caught in the net, and the vessel actually had to drag the animal to shore.

It was estimated that 20% of the squid was lost to scavengers along the way, but more than enough remained to leave scientists stunned. From the tip of the head to the end of its longest tentacle, the squid measured a mind boggling 92 feet, 7 inches. And what has the buzz growing is the fact that the squid is an adolescent.

So while the Kraken stories may have seemed a bit far fetched, the truth is that the specimen demonstrates that there are actually giant squid out there well over 100 feet in length, in all likelihood beneath the polar ice cap.

The specimen is currently being stored in my bathtub.

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sangat menarik, terima kasih


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