Saturday, 27 March 2010


In Chisinau, capital of Moldova, it is happening a massacre of stray dogs, with the authorization of the Mayor, Dorin Chirtoaca.Every day about 200 animals are killed, until now about 12.000 animals have been killed.
This is a real massacre and the animals are killed in horrible ways, in the hide, for not upstet the public opinion in the country. According various interview released by local media, the people think that this solution is inhumane.

Spay/neuter and open new shelters are the only measures that are not adopted. Killing of stray dogs is barbaric and does not help in controlling their population. Many European associations, such as Vier-Pfoten and European Vet Association (UK), offered their support for free. The City Hall refuses to use alternative methods, like sterilization or building new shelters for the stray dogs.
Chisinau mayor gets a letter from Brigitte Bardot asking him to stop this bloody and revolting euthanasia.

We received info about dogs/cats fur sold on the stands in the local Chisinau market. This didn’t happen in the past.
Please send a mail for the animals in Moldova, and urge the local authorities to stop the killing, now. Please act now to save these dogs.

The video can be seen here:

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Drennen said...

Dorin Chirtoaca,where is your humanity??? There are better and more humane ways of handling Chisinau's stray dog population. Allowing the selling of their fur is barbaric in this day and age. Get your head out of the dark age and seek help on better ways to solve this problem. Come join us who are now living in the 21st century!

Christopher Jennings said...

This is utterly barbaric! Mayor Dorin Chirtoaca, you should seriously consider putting a stop to this kind of behavior. Animal shelters will give these poor creatures an opportunity to belong to loving families. Killing is not the only solution!

Pablo (yo) said...

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Pablo de l'Argentine


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