Tuesday, 23 March 2010

5 Bad Ass Killers In Nature

Pictures of animals killing other animals are kind of fantastic, aren’t they? It reminds us of how disconnected from nature we are in our own lives. Plus animals just look plain bad ass while killing each other.

This cheetah is taking down an impala on the side of a road at a game reserve. It almost looks like a rape scene.

Here’s a spider taking out a moth in Florida.

Here’s a lion pulling apart a buffalo carcass in Botswana. Pretty intense… Pretty gross. I can hardly look at the carcass, but the lion looks so awesome tearing it apart.

Here’s a hawk taking out a starling… I guess it’s a bird-eat-bird world out there.

Damn, this African wild dog is chewing on an impalas’s eyeball… It’s hard to look at it without immediately and irrationally fearing the safety of your own eyeball. Nature is pretty F’d up.

3 коментара:

Anonymous said...

damn nature you scary!

Anonymous said...

"Nature is pretty F’d up."

You must be... about 12? 14 perhaps?

Anonymous said...

not as f-ed up like how some humans kill animals
like smashing a baby seal with club


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